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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does an estimate cost?
Estimates are free with one revision. Designing kitchen and other cabinetry projects is a time-consuming process so any drawings remain our property until we are under contract or arrangements are made to purchase them. The design fee is $100/hour.

How long does it take to get cabinets, from order to delivery?
Delivery times vary depending on work load. Usually we can deliver cabinets in 7-8 weeks from the date of order. The best thing to do is plan far in advance so there is plenty of time for the planning process.
What specifications are needed?

When you hire DeNeals Cabinets to do your kitchen design, we help you choose cabinetry color, door styles, moulding profiles, and countertop material.  Once all the finishes of your project are designed, we put together a complete package of all drawings (plan views, elevations, soffit plans, electrical and plumbing rough-in locations) and all specifications of the chosen finishes (appliance cut sheets, specifications on the , countertop material, finish colors, etc.) so your project can be built from these plans and specifications.

Do you handle custom cabinets ?
Yes. We have manufacture custom cabinetry for over 25 years and the companies we work with carry many levels of custom cabinetry. Some are what we call “semi-custom” companies. They will do quite a bit of customizing, but not all. Other companies will build almost anything. We use them to do special wood species, custom paint, custom sizes, custom styles, etc.

How long is the average design project ?
Usually they last a month or more. The process requires lots of involvement and decisions, so the customer is partly responsible for the length of time required to complete the design. The process usually requires several meetings, at least one or two trips to your home or job sit and then lots of time on the drawing board making sketches and trying various layouts to see what works best.

Do you have samples?
Yes. We have a showroom with numerous kitchen displays. In addition to the kitchen cabinet displays we have many cabinet door and countertop samples on site so customers can usually find what they are looking for. For large jobs with extensive design input, we can order special samples just for your project.

After the kitchen is finished, can we contact you if there are problems?
We would hope you feel comfortable calling us for anything. Our cabinet lines carry a factory warranty (five years or more) that we service directly. If  there is a problem with your cabinets, we come to your home to examine the problem and work to resolve it to your satisfaction.

I’m building a new home. Can you work with my contractor ?
Yes, and we do that all the time. Sometimes the contractor buys the cabinets and installs them. Sometimes the homeowner hires us directly to design, furnish and install the products.

How can DeNeals Cabinets save me time and money ?
We can save you time, because you won’t have to spend time running around researching what products are on the market. We direct you and help you make choices because we know what’s available, what products are good and what to stay away from. We can help save you money by avoiding the mistakes a laymen might make that could cost you more
money down the road.

If I provide a good sketch of my dream kitchen can you produce a set of plans that will be up to building code specifications ?
Yes. However, we will always want to go to your home prior to completing the plans to see the existing conditions and check measurements to be  sure our final drawings are accurate.

What are the main headaches I can avoid by hiring DeNeals Cabinets?
Hiring a professional saves time, money, frustrations, and makes the completed project a beautiful addition to your home. Many of our customers come in to our showroom feeling tense, and frustrated – already overwhelmed by the task of designing their new kitchen. We have actually had people tell us they feel relieved after hiring us, even before the project is complete, because they know they are in good hands and will be happy 
with the finished project.